Founder / CEO Apostle Elisha K.A.

A man called by God with apostolic mantle and healing power gift . He was sick for years and rejected by doctors because there was no cure but Jesus Christ healed him. He is called into ministry since 1997 in Ghana ( West-Africa) and has preached and taught on many Satellite TV and radio stations in Europe and America ever since by travelling to many countries to spread the Gospel.

He is a Teacher and a Preacher of the Gospel and the General Overseer of ANHA CHURCHES Worldwide, with more than twelve branches. His deeper understanding of the word of God and teachings are characterized by signs and miracles. He is a Spiritual father , a mentor and coach to many. Raising Leaders around the world. He is a husband to Prophetess Caroline Amankwaah and based in The Netherlands.

The building of a Godly character has and is the most important basis of his life and Leadership. The generation of millenniums have been lacking this very important aspect. It is time to raise Leaders, that understand the importance of character and the power of being lead before you lead! This is a key principal to leave behind a legacy that others know how to continue when you are gone.


Worldwide high-quality content distribution & teaching of Godly (God fearing) & Kingdom Leadership, Mentorship & Relationships, for Christian believers. And impacting and transforming believers into Kingdom leaders by teaching, implementing and practising the necessary and essential parts within the Dimensions of Kingdom Leadership.


Impacting and transforming believers into Kingdom leaders. Seeing every Kingdom leader, leading out of the understanding of the importance of character and the power of being lead before you lead! With a goal to leave a legacy for the next Kingdom Leaders


Is an institution for Kingdom minded people whom are ready to become Kingdom leaders that will be raising and equipping Kingdom leaders of change and impact. The Bible says that is good for one to desire to become a deacon, or better said leader, which is a position to lead and not rule, nor dominate over people. And indeed in that same phrase, it describes the importance of the character of that leader. Most churches and leaders of change have missed this very important and fragile aspect of this work and LIFE TASK!


This is why KLA, focusses on having their students in an healthy, transparent and nourishing environment of classical and personal training. Each group of students will be studying individually and yet working in groups to train and practise the practical part of the teachings in roleplays and case studies. This way of teaching provides the student with the right setting to instantly remember and implement the teachings and become a true Kingdom Leader.


KLA differentiate itself from other institutions because it is focussed on the inner-man and mind of an leader, rather than on the single gifts and/or talents. KLA teaches and trains his students on every necessary and essential part within the Dimensions of Kingdom Leadership. Teachings are being given on a Bible Word based theoretical and practical way with the goal to transform the students mind and Word understanding of Kingdom Leadership and its purpose. Each dimensions has its own indicators and content treating, depending on the level of the student.

''Anointing with out character is annoying''